Its been a while since I did any work updating the site and I’m having a dry week so I guess theres no better time!

First of all unfortunately I will not be able to return to the USA. The steadfast people at the US embassy in Dublin do not think I deserve the O-1B artists visa I have been approved for by the CIS. This has been a bit of a blow, but I have a new sand-filled direction I hope to go in soon…

Secondly I am proud to have worked on the RTE Storyland drama “The Begrudgers” Write/Director Philip Doherty, DOP/Editor Finn Keenan. A great show to work on and I will include links to the episodes on the website.

Lastly now… I have made the plunge again and bought a truck load of new gear! Canon 5D Mark III, Zeiss primes, Red Rock Rig and a bunch of other bits and bobs! I did a promo with the new gear last week which I’ll be linking to the site.

That is all I have to say at the moment anyway! Thanks for reading and Like my work if you enjoyed it.



I just thought I would post an update for people about what I have been up to since my last post. Well I have been working with Observe shooting Quizone and the Entrepreneur Awards. I Briefly brushed up on my SQN skills for a Cookery DVD with Scannan Productions. In my own projects I recorded a theatre production called ‘There Came A Gipsy Riding’ and future Projects include a 30 second advert for a Micheal Jackson impersonator!

Im also considering the possibility of moving to the USA for the year while i can avail of a one year ex-student working visa.