Biography Liam Allen



I started down this road using film photography in college (canon AE-1), from the dark room I crossed over into using digital photography (Olympus E500) and learning basic Photoshop skills.

The next two years in college were focused on Television Productions where I found myself really enjoying working in challenging environments, on music videos, large team based projects and documentary film making. At the same time I started working for an Irish production company and through them worked on many national television productions, I will provide a list of these on the Work List page.

Working as a Camera Assistant I soon began to search for work as a Camera Operator. To this end, when I finished college I bought the Sony EX-1 and a MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro.

I spent my first year out of college working on various productions as a freelancer and decided I needed to get a bit of experience abroad if I could manage it. On one particular production I worked with an American crew over from New York, I offered myself up to them and they gave me a job!

My time in New York was spent working on many projects, the company had deep roots in the city and so I was never idle. I learned to work hard from hard working Americans and respected their work ethos. Unfortunately my time in the USA ended due to visa contraints.

I have now moved on to work in the Middle East, Dubai and Abu Dhabi more specifically. It is all high end corporate at the moment. Helicopter shoots of large scale construction etc.